Basilescu Summer Theatre

Basilescu Summer Theatre was built in 1953 and was inaugurated during the World Festival of Youth and Students. Despite being renovated in 2000, it is now in an advanced state of degradation. The Stalinist architecture of the building can be observed from far away. The main facade of the building is decorated with a decrepit lyre contrasted by the flimsy wire fence surrounding the courtyard covered in lush vegetation. After a quick climb over the fence and a stroll through the overgrown area we reached the scene. The whole building is filled by the purgent odour of pigeon excrements and rotting bird carcases. The high ceiling was home to dozens of birds that on our arrival flew away. The area under the stage,where the orchestra used to perform, has been flooded so we chose to go to the upper levels of the building. Most rooms there were almost identical, probably the space where actors prepared for the stage. The walls were full of messages written in pencil,most of them being obscenities. It is said that the theatre is haunted..., but the only thing that seems to haunt it turnt out to be a scared cat. Once on the roof, we noticed the semicircle filled with broken chairs, the place where spectators used to sit and enjoy the play. After taking a couple of photos we headed for the exit, almost ignoring a huge wasp nest and some not so friendly dogs that just now noticed our presence. The strage blend of Corinthian arhitecture(colums, windows, roof) and Stalinist architecture (small and packed toghether rooms) impressed us greatly. We left the place with a feeling of accomplishment as we were able to visit an unique bulding that may not survive another 10 years and also learn more about the past of Bucharest.