Constanta Casino

During the interwar period, when the jewel of the Black Sea emerged, on the seafront of Constanta, stories of love and tragedies took place in the seductive atmosphere of "la belle epoque" where huge amounts of money were played, fortunes were made or lost, some chose to end their lives in the cold water of the Black Sea. This beautiful building was designed by Daniel Renard (his mother was romanian and his father swiss) and opened its doors on 15 of August 1910 with prince Ferdinand being a guest. When it was built it was one of the largest buildings of its type on the romaian territory. As most old and grandiose buildings have ghost stories associated with them, the Constanta Casino has one too. On 20 of August 1916, when Constanta started being bombed, the casino was used by the Red Cross as a field hospital. It is said that the souls of the dead still haunt the casino's hallways. Another myth states that a man committed suicide after losing all his belongings,but not before casting a curse on the casino. Also, it is said that before the beginning of the construction of the casino, the bodies of the french soldiers that fought in the Crimean War between 1853 and 1854 and died of cholera were found buried there, near the sea shore. Their remains were moved to the the French Cemitery and then to Centrau Cemetery. The ground floor opened with a large hallway, which continued with a majestic stairway towards the first floor. Going forward, towards the north, we found different rooms:a cloakroom, a luncheon bar, a lecture room, two game rooms and snooker room. On the first floor, the staircase end in a hallway that leads to the auditorium. Fortunately,the casino is in a rehabilitation program since August 2015. We hope to see as it was before, with the same atmosphere of "la belle epoque".