Insurance Association

The old insurance company "Nationala" neighbors the buildings from Doamnei, Blanari and Smardan streets since 1886. The blueprints for this monumental structure located on Doamnei Street No. 12 were made by the architect Adolf Lang. Initially, the building had just one floor, but the plans were changed. Due to this process, the insurance headquarters was dramatically different from the initial plan, but the stairs with its decorations however remained the same. History It is said tha during the digging works for foundation were found murals depicting "saint images". it was also said that these murals were reconditioned and incorpored in the building basement. Even if the first thing we explored was the basement, we have not found them. Maybe they got covered up or something. After some research, we found the building in a cadastral plan from 1911, with the same footprint that it have today. From the beggining, we noticed that this building was not the headquarters of a single company. Almost every chamber was different, having it's unique style. We were shocked to find out in a phone book from 1937 the diversity of firms that had the premises here. There were officials from the Bucharest Stock Exchange, lawyers, Klar Iosef&Son furrier's, Costinescu's nails shop, Tetu Dionisie drugstore, Warner Bros First National Pictures and much more. All these companies shared the building with the insurance company. Exploration Considering that in 2014 all the known entries were blocked, we had some difficulties entering the building. Inside, we saw how time affected the structure.